Tuesday, 6 February 2018

All About the South Africa Lotto

There are a number of persons who consider gambling irresponsible and a vice, but for many, gambling is the fastest means of becoming a millionaire. It requires very little capital and while some people win with their first try, others have to play for years to win. The thing is, when you win a lottery jackpot irrespective of the lottery, your life can never be the same. In addition to the fact that lotteries ameliorate the standards of living of citizens of a country by creating millionaires, a portion of the funds generated by lotteries are almost always diverted to support good causes such as education, recreation and health among others. This explains why many countries are making an effort to create and operate a national lottery.

South Africa is no exception. South Africa is renowned for its famous Powerball lottery which has grown faster than the South Africa National Lottery and this rapid growth can be associated with its high payouts. Operated by Ithuba, the South Africa National Lottery was created on March 11th, 2000, and is currently regulated by South Africa’s National Lottery Commission. The National Lottery in South Africa is renowned for its generation of revenues through the sale of its tickets. In 2012 alone, the National Lottery generated over R4.7 billion from the sale of lottery tickets. The National Lottery Committee is also in charge of the regulation of the Powerball lottery. 

Playing South Africa’s Lotto 

The South African Lotto follows a 6/52 matrix. This means that players are expected to select six numbers from a pool of 52 balls to participate in the lottery draw. To participate in and play this game, you must be at least 18 years of age. The tickets for the South African Lotto are sold by approved lottery banks and retailers all over South Africa. 

The game can also be played online. However, to play this lottery game online, a person will need to have a Nedbank or FNB bank account. In addition, players must be residents of South Africa and must be in possession of a valid South African ID. Finally, players must register as lottery players on the South African National Lottery Website. Once all the aforementioned requirements are met, the player can purchase Lotto tickets from any authorized online ticketing service. 

The South African Lotto as has been mentioned above is played by choosing six numbers from a pool of 52 numbers. Players can choose to select their numbers manually. Players often pick numbers of value to them such as birth dates of family members, dates of employment and other favorite numbers. Another method of play is the Quick Pick method. With this method, the player gives the system the authority to choose his/her numbers by automatically generating and randomly picking these numbers. This method is especially great for novices or those who are in a hurry to play the lottery.

There are three lotto games available to players, two of which are supplementary games to the main Lotto. The Lotto Plus 1 and 2 are supplementary games to the main Lotto and are meant to give the player a second chance at winning. To play the Lotto, 

- Get a valid Lotto betting slip from any authorized lottery ticket retailer.

- On any of the boards, choose your six numbers from 1 to 52 by marking them. Alternatively, you can mark the Quick Pick checkbox to allow the system select your numbers for you. Players are allowed to play as many boards as desired. Each Lotto board costs R5. 

- Each play of the Lotto Plus costs R2.50. To play the Lotto Plus, players can simply check the Lotto Plus 1 and 2 boxes. If a player plays one of the two Lotto Plus games in addition to the main Lotto (single board play), the total cost of the ticket will be R7.50. If he/she decides to play all two Lotto Plus games, the cost rises to R10. The ticket cost depends on the number of plays.

- Players can also choose to play the same numbers over a number of consecutive draws. To play this option, simply check the “Multi-Draw” box on the betting slip.

- Once all options and numbers have been selected, give the lottery ticket to the retailer and make your payment to receive your ticket. Check the ticket to make sure it carries the correct numbers and write your name on the back of the ticket.

Now, all that is left to be done is to watch the Lotto draw to see whether or not you are a lucky winner.

Winnings and Prizes

The Lotto draw takes place every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 21:00 and is broadcast on the South African channel, SABC 2. Sale of lottery tickets close at 8:30 PM on draw nights. During the draw, six numbers are chosen from the pool of 52 balls without replacement. After drawing six numbers, a Bonus Ball is drawn, and this ball applies only to those players who match five balls. The Lotto’s jackpot is won by matching the six numbers drawn. If more than a single player matches the six numbers, the jackpot amount is shared equally among the lucky winners. The odds of winning the Lotto’s jackpot is 1 in 20.3 million. In the event that no player matches the six numbers, the jackpot is rolled over - added to the next jackpot amount.

Other prizes exist for players who are able to match three to six of the main numbers drawn. Of course, as is the case with other lotteries, the prize amount increases as the number of balls matched increases. If more than one player matches four to six numbers, the prize amount is shared equally among those who match the said number of balls.

The Lotto Plus 1 and 2 are supplements and give the player chance of increasing his/her winnings. The odds of winning a prize in the South African Lotto are pretty good. In addition, the jackpot prize amount rises sometimes to very large amounts thanks to the rolling-over of jackpots when they are not won. There is no reason why you should not try out this game – none.