Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes

In many countries today, betting gives a lot of persons the chance to win and better their lives. This also applies to countries such as Morocco, South Africa, and Kenya among others. In Kenya, one of the most popular lottery games which give citizens of Kenya this chance is the Kenya Charity Sweepstakes. Not only is this game very fascinating and great but its system is centered on the virtues of honesty, player welfare, and great expectation. 

The Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes was founded in 1965 when Kenya was still an amazingly free nation. The Kenya Charity Sweepstakes was founded by the Kenyan parliament in an effort to build the country by reducing poverty and improving the health conditions of citizens. The aim was to self-employ some citizens of the country while using a portion of the game’s funds to help good causes. Ever since its inception, the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes has given over KSh750 million to charity, which went a long way to build and augment their facilities in local areas, unlock youth potentials, promote sports, and provide facilities for the old and disabled. Because the money gained from this game goes to help those in need in Kenya, the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes is played by everyone in Kenya.

Playing and Winning the Kenyan Charity Sweepstake Lotto

The Kenya Charity Sweepstakes has a number of games which it currently offers. However, the most popular of all its games is the Kenya Charity Sweepstakes Lotto. The Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes Lotto is a 6/36 game and like most lotto games, players are expected to choose not more or less than 6 numbers from the pool which is numbered from 1 to 36. Players can choose numbers based on important dates in their lives or the lives of someone they know, or they can just choose their favorite numbers. Of course, players can choose to pick their numbers themselves or allow the system to choose their numbers for them. It is important to look at the results of previous draws to determine the hottest numbers – numbers which are drawn often. Doing so can help enhance your odds of winning. Some websites offer winning tips and advice to players who wish to participate in the lottery game. 

Drawings for the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes lottery take place once a week on Saturdays. As is the case with lottery games, six balls are drawn during the draw which are the winning balls. For a player to win the jackpot, he/she has to match all six winning balls drawn. The minimum guaranteed jackpot amount is KSh 1,000,000 and usually increases because of rollovers. In the event that no one is able to match the winning numbers, the jackpot for that draw is rolled over to the next draw. If after 15 draws, there is still no jackpot winner, the jackpot amount is awarded to the player(s) with the closest result to the jackpot. The odds of a player hitting all six winning numbers stand at 1 in 1.942 million. 

Apart from the jackpot, there are other prizes for those winners who match three, four or five winning numbers. These prizes are cash prizes just like the jackpot and increase as the number of winning numbers successfully hit increases. All winners of the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes have one month to claim their prizes. If players fail to claim their prizes within that time, they lose their winnings which are diverted and used to support causes such as education, health, and sports.

Management and Operation

The Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes was created by the Kenyan government as a means to raise funds to help the poor and less fortunate. But in order for them to do so, they had to make sure the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes actually sold. This led to rigorous marketing and promotion of the lottery while making sure that the services which they offer are in line with the rules and regulations governing lottery games in the country. 

In 1966, the Betting License and Control Board was put in place to establish a set of rules and regulations relating to the playing of lottery games in the country. This board is in charge of the general supervision and regulation of lottery games in Kenya including the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes. The aim was to change the notion that lottery gaming was terrible as was regarded by many as an irresponsible form of gambling by giving out legal authorizations and rewards to lottery service providers while eliminating all illegal lottery practices. All these measures made the economic conditions of the country suitable for raising income and made the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes one of the highest-consumed goods in Kenya. 


Despite the fact that the government of the country is doing its best to make this lottery popular, one of the main setbacks of this game is the lack of information. The information on the game is very limited and this makes playing the lottery game difficult especially for players who wish to play the lottery online. This lack of information and reviews on the game make a lot of players especially international ones to doubt the legality of the lottery. 

Another major setback is the lack of online platforms and lottery service providers for the game. There are very few online ticketing service providers of this lottery game. Most major lottery service providers such as Lottosend.com, TheLotter.com, and Icelotto.com do not offer this lottery game. This makes it difficult for many to participate in the game.

Despite all the above, the strict management of gaming products and services in the country has succeeded in greatly reducing illegal gambling and easing the collection of dues all of which have played a major part in making this lottery game a game to play. The Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes has as their aim to make every Kenyan a millionaire while taking advantage of the game’s pool of funds to improve the living conditions of the citizens through the large contributions which they make to charitable organizations and causes. Therefore, with just a little bit of work and patience, you can become a Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes millionaire.