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All About Australias’a OZ Lotto

Lotteries are the new source of millionaires especially in Australia. Every time, a player of a lottery wins a jackpot or first price in a lottery, a new millionaire is born. This is especially the case with Australia’s Oz Lotto which boasts of creating over 448 new millionaires since its inception. The Oz Lotto was formed in 1994 as Australia’s first national lottery game. Thanks to its huge jackpots and simplicity, it has gained popularity in Australia as nearly one in two Australian adults play the game. In November 2012, the largest jackpot to be won by an Oz Lotto player was won - $100 million. That year, an average of 1 in 2 adult Australians played the game with the jackpot won and four Division 1 winners who shared a prize of over $111 million. An estimate in 2013 showed that over $5.6 billion in prize money has been won since the creation of the game with over 120 million Oz Lotto winners recorded over that time – five times the population of Australia. This game is especially popular for its huge jackpots which sometimes can be more than $50 million.

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How to Play the Oz Lotto

Playing the Oz Lotto is easy. There are several different methods of playing this lottery with each unique in its own way. Players choose seven balls from a drum of 45 balls which are numbered from 1 to 45. Players depending on the method of play seek to match these numbers so as to win a prize. Players can choose from different play options such as Picking their own entries, Quick Picks, System entries or Favorites amongst others. Oz lotto can also be played online through e-ticket providers such as WinTrillions and LottoDay.

- Pick Entries

Here, players can choose their favorite numbers on a marked coupon or as a QuickPickPlay. Playing is easy. Purchase an Oz Lotto coupon from any local Tatts outlet and select your numbers. Alternatively, you can choose to select the numbers online. This method of play guarantees that the player matches either one or two of the winning balls. If for example, a player selects a Pick 5 entry, he or she marks just 5 numbers in each game panel as the Pick 5 entry gives you two of the 7 winning numbers. Should the player select a Pick 6 entry, he or she picks 6 numbers and is guaranteed one winning number. Each gameplay method has a maximum number which for Pick entries can vary between 1 and 50.

- Quick Pick

With this method, numbers are randomly generated for the player. This method is especially good for first-timers and those in a hurry. QuickPicks are available in different sizes. These are the Mini QuickPick where the system randomly generates numbers for a maximum of 9 games, the Regular QuickPick where numbers are generated for a maximum of 12 games, Super QuickPick where numbers are generated for 18 games maximum, Mega QuickPick – 24 games maximum, Jumbo QuickPick – maximum of 36 games and the Maxi QuickPick wherein numbers aregenerateed for a maximum of 50 games. 


- System Entry method

This method gives you an option to play up more numbers so as to increase our chances of winning with the help of a group lottery syndicate. Of course, the price for this method of play is more expensive than the other methods of play. If for example, a player uses this method to choose a System 9, the player selects 9 instead of 7 numbers to increase his/her chances of winning a Division 1 Oz Lotto prize. To play using this method, simply mark a maximum of 8-20 numbers in each game panel depending on the System you choose. 

If you choose a System 9, mark 9 numbers. This can be done online or on a coupon. Again, you can mark up to 50 games on a QuickPick coupon or a maximum of 18 games on a marked coupon. Make sure you mark the “System Pick” check box whether on your coupon or online. Also, for high level System Entries, the maximum number of game panels may vary between 1 and 50 so it is important to contact the customer service on 131 868 before placing your bet.

- Syndicate

The syndicate method is a method in which players group and play so as to have a greater chance of winning by covering a greater combination of numbers while sharing the cost of the ticket amongst the members of the group. By playing more games under the Syndicate method, the odds of players winning are greatly improved and should a syndicate ticket win a prize, the total amount of the price will be equally divided to all members of the syndicate. 

Each standard Oz Lotto game starts from as $1.30. Depending on the method option of play you choose, the price can increase to over $15.

How to win the Oz Lotto

The Oz Lotto has two supplementary balls in addition to its seven balls making it a 7/45 +2 game. Every Tuesday night, draws are held at about 8:30 PM Australian time and are broadcasted live on affiliated TV stations such as 7TWO in Queensland. Latest Lottery results also can be found online at - I want to know more!

During the draws, 7 balls which fall from 1-45 are drawn and then 2 balls are drawn thereafter. The first 7 are known as the “winning numbers” while the last 2 are the “supplementary numbers”. The supplementary numbers play a role in determining the prizes of Divisions 2, 4 and 7 winners. In order to win Division 1, a player’s selected numbers are expected to match all seven winning numbers from the draw. To win in Division 2, a player will need to match 6 of the winning numbers plus 1 or 2 of the supplementary numbers. Divisions 4 and 7 require a minimum of 5 and 3 winning numbers respectively plus 1 or 2 supplementary numbers. Divisions 3, 5 and 6 require at least 6, 5 and 4 winning numbers respectively.


Division 1 winners win the jackpot which can range from $2 million to $50 million and over depending on the number of people playing the game and the amount of funds. The prize amounts of other winners are based on the amount of funds available. The Oz Lotto is one of the highest paying lotteries in the world because of its Division method of giving out prices which make it possible for more people to win. 

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