Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Online Powerball Syndicate Tickets - Play 75 Tickets for the Price of 1

We have all heard stories of lottery syndicates winning a huge jackpot and ending up having to spend half of their prize on lawyers and in the courts when one of the group players or more was "cheated out" or claims to be cheated out from their winnings. The articles are all over the media and it seems to be a big issue with syndicate winners. 

In the News:

This is exactly why playing with online lottery syndicates is a good idea, the syndicate is managed online and the syndicate players don't even know each other - they don't have to deal with the legal issues of splitting the money between themselves because the lottery website does it for them.

Some are worried though that if their syndicate wins the jackpot when playing online, they might not be able to claim their winnings - this too is not an issue because when you purchase lottery tickets online on websites such as Lottosend.com you are %100 secured and guaranteed (by digital signature) that you will always be able to claim your winnings.

Playing the US Powerball Online - With a Group

In the picture above you can see a Powerball syndicate that won a prize of $3.7 Million! Each syndicate player recieved over $400,000 - enough to set them up more than nicely. When you join an online US Powerball group you get to play 75 tickets for the price of 1, you share these tickets along with other players, up to 50 other players. If one of the tickets hits the jackpot ($40 million minimum jackpot) you will win AT LEAST $800,000! 


If you want to play US Powerball online you can click here for more information on buying tickets. We recommend the syndicate option although you can also buy single tickets online or make a subscription. It is easy to see why more and more people are playing the lotto online, with the many advantages - among them, playing with an anonymous online Powerball syndicate,