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All About the South Africa Lotto

There are a number of persons who consider gambling irresponsible and a vice, but for many, gambling is the fastest means of becoming a millionaire. It requires very little capital and while some people win with their first try, others have to play for years to win. The thing is, when you win a lottery jackpot irrespective of the lottery, your life can never be the same. In addition to the fact that lotteries ameliorate the standards of living of citizens of a country by creating millionaires, a portion of the funds generated by lotteries are almost always diverted to support good causes such as education, recreation and health among others. This explains why many countries are making an effort to create and operate a national lottery.

South Africa is no exception. South Africa is renowned for its famous Powerball lottery which has grown faster than the South Africa National Lottery and this rapid growth can be associated with its high payouts. Operated by Ithuba, the South Africa National Lottery was created on March 11th, 2000, and is currently regulated by South Africa’s National Lottery Commission. The National Lottery in South Africa is renowned for its generation of revenues through the sale of its tickets. In 2012 alone, the National Lottery generated over R4.7 billion from the sale of lottery tickets. The National Lottery Committee is also in charge of the regulation of the Powerball lottery. 

Playing South Africa’s Lotto 

The South African Lotto follows a 6/52 matrix. This means that players are expected to select six numbers from a pool of 52 balls to participate in the lottery draw. To participate in and play this game, you must be at least 18 years of age. The tickets for the South African Lotto are sold by approved lottery banks and retailers all over South Africa. 

The game can also be played online. However, to play this lottery game online, a person will need to have a Nedbank or FNB bank account. In addition, players must be residents of South Africa and must be in possession of a valid South African ID. Finally, players must register as lottery players on the South African National Lottery Website. Once all the aforementioned requirements are met, the player can purchase Lotto tickets from any authorized online ticketing service. 

The South African Lotto as has been mentioned above is played by choosing six numbers from a pool of 52 numbers. Players can choose to select their numbers manually. Players often pick numbers of value to them such as birth dates of family members, dates of employment and other favorite numbers. Another method of play is the Quick Pick method. With this method, the player gives the system the authority to choose his/her numbers by automatically generating and randomly picking these numbers. This method is especially great for novices or those who are in a hurry to play the lottery.

There are three lotto games available to players, two of which are supplementary games to the main Lotto. The Lotto Plus 1 and 2 are supplementary games to the main Lotto and are meant to give the player a second chance at winning. To play the Lotto, 

- Get a valid Lotto betting slip from any authorized lottery ticket retailer.

- On any of the boards, choose your six numbers from 1 to 52 by marking them. Alternatively, you can mark the Quick Pick checkbox to allow the system select your numbers for you. Players are allowed to play as many boards as desired. Each Lotto board costs R5. 

- Each play of the Lotto Plus costs R2.50. To play the Lotto Plus, players can simply check the Lotto Plus 1 and 2 boxes. If a player plays one of the two Lotto Plus games in addition to the main Lotto (single board play), the total cost of the ticket will be R7.50. If he/she decides to play all two Lotto Plus games, the cost rises to R10. The ticket cost depends on the number of plays.

- Players can also choose to play the same numbers over a number of consecutive draws. To play this option, simply check the “Multi-Draw” box on the betting slip.

- Once all options and numbers have been selected, give the lottery ticket to the retailer and make your payment to receive your ticket. Check the ticket to make sure it carries the correct numbers and write your name on the back of the ticket.

Now, all that is left to be done is to watch the Lotto draw to see whether or not you are a lucky winner.

Winnings and Prizes

The Lotto draw takes place every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 21:00 and is broadcast on the South African channel, SABC 2. Sale of lottery tickets close at 8:30 PM on draw nights. During the draw, six numbers are chosen from the pool of 52 balls without replacement. After drawing six numbers, a Bonus Ball is drawn, and this ball applies only to those players who match five balls. The Lotto’s jackpot is won by matching the six numbers drawn. If more than a single player matches the six numbers, the jackpot amount is shared equally among the lucky winners. The odds of winning the Lotto’s jackpot is 1 in 20.3 million. In the event that no player matches the six numbers, the jackpot is rolled over - added to the next jackpot amount.

Other prizes exist for players who are able to match three to six of the main numbers drawn. Of course, as is the case with other lotteries, the prize amount increases as the number of balls matched increases. If more than one player matches four to six numbers, the prize amount is shared equally among those who match the said number of balls.

The Lotto Plus 1 and 2 are supplements and give the player chance of increasing his/her winnings. The odds of winning a prize in the South African Lotto are pretty good. In addition, the jackpot prize amount rises sometimes to very large amounts thanks to the rolling-over of jackpots when they are not won. There is no reason why you should not try out this game – none.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes

In many countries today, betting gives a lot of persons the chance to win and better their lives. This also applies to countries such as Morocco, South Africa, and Kenya among others. In Kenya, one of the most popular lottery games which give citizens of Kenya this chance is the Kenya Charity Sweepstakes. Not only is this game very fascinating and great but its system is centered on the virtues of honesty, player welfare, and great expectation. 

The Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes was founded in 1965 when Kenya was still an amazingly free nation. The Kenya Charity Sweepstakes was founded by the Kenyan parliament in an effort to build the country by reducing poverty and improving the health conditions of citizens. The aim was to self-employ some citizens of the country while using a portion of the game’s funds to help good causes. Ever since its inception, the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes has given over KSh750 million to charity, which went a long way to build and augment their facilities in local areas, unlock youth potentials, promote sports, and provide facilities for the old and disabled. Because the money gained from this game goes to help those in need in Kenya, the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes is played by everyone in Kenya.

Playing and Winning the Kenyan Charity Sweepstake Lotto

The Kenya Charity Sweepstakes has a number of games which it currently offers. However, the most popular of all its games is the Kenya Charity Sweepstakes Lotto. The Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes Lotto is a 6/36 game and like most lotto games, players are expected to choose not more or less than 6 numbers from the pool which is numbered from 1 to 36. Players can choose numbers based on important dates in their lives or the lives of someone they know, or they can just choose their favorite numbers. Of course, players can choose to pick their numbers themselves or allow the system to choose their numbers for them. It is important to look at the results of previous draws to determine the hottest numbers – numbers which are drawn often. Doing so can help enhance your odds of winning. Some websites offer winning tips and advice to players who wish to participate in the lottery game. 

Drawings for the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes lottery take place once a week on Saturdays. As is the case with lottery games, six balls are drawn during the draw which are the winning balls. For a player to win the jackpot, he/she has to match all six winning balls drawn. The minimum guaranteed jackpot amount is KSh 1,000,000 and usually increases because of rollovers. In the event that no one is able to match the winning numbers, the jackpot for that draw is rolled over to the next draw. If after 15 draws, there is still no jackpot winner, the jackpot amount is awarded to the player(s) with the closest result to the jackpot. The odds of a player hitting all six winning numbers stand at 1 in 1.942 million. 

Apart from the jackpot, there are other prizes for those winners who match three, four or five winning numbers. These prizes are cash prizes just like the jackpot and increase as the number of winning numbers successfully hit increases. All winners of the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes have one month to claim their prizes. If players fail to claim their prizes within that time, they lose their winnings which are diverted and used to support causes such as education, health, and sports.

Management and Operation

The Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes was created by the Kenyan government as a means to raise funds to help the poor and less fortunate. But in order for them to do so, they had to make sure the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes actually sold. This led to rigorous marketing and promotion of the lottery while making sure that the services which they offer are in line with the rules and regulations governing lottery games in the country. 

In 1966, the Betting License and Control Board was put in place to establish a set of rules and regulations relating to the playing of lottery games in the country. This board is in charge of the general supervision and regulation of lottery games in Kenya including the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes. The aim was to change the notion that lottery gaming was terrible as was regarded by many as an irresponsible form of gambling by giving out legal authorizations and rewards to lottery service providers while eliminating all illegal lottery practices. All these measures made the economic conditions of the country suitable for raising income and made the Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes one of the highest-consumed goods in Kenya. 


Despite the fact that the government of the country is doing its best to make this lottery popular, one of the main setbacks of this game is the lack of information. The information on the game is very limited and this makes playing the lottery game difficult especially for players who wish to play the lottery online. This lack of information and reviews on the game make a lot of players especially international ones to doubt the legality of the lottery. 

Another major setback is the lack of online platforms and lottery service providers for the game. There are very few online ticketing service providers of this lottery game. Most major lottery service providers such as Lottosend.com, TheLotter.com, and Icelotto.com do not offer this lottery game. This makes it difficult for many to participate in the game.

Despite all the above, the strict management of gaming products and services in the country has succeeded in greatly reducing illegal gambling and easing the collection of dues all of which have played a major part in making this lottery game a game to play. The Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes has as their aim to make every Kenyan a millionaire while taking advantage of the game’s pool of funds to improve the living conditions of the citizens through the large contributions which they make to charitable organizations and causes. Therefore, with just a little bit of work and patience, you can become a Kenyan Charity Sweepstakes millionaire.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

What Is Lottosend and Is It Legit?

Is Lottosend a Legit Online Lottery Ticket Provider?

Is Lottosend recommended? - When coming across this website (Lottosend.com) you may ask yourself if it is secure to buy lottery tickets online from a ticket service provider such as Lottosend.

A good way to do research on any online shopping or online service provider is to look at their online presence. Do they have social pages? Well here is a list of Lottosend online social pages for you to have a look for yourself:

Lottosend Instagram page
Lottosend Instagram page - https://www.instagram.com/lottosend/
Lottosend Instagram page - https://www.instagram.com/lottosend/
Lottosend Facebook page
Lottosend facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Lottosend/
Lottosend facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Lottosend/
Lottosend Twitter page
Lottosend twitter page - https://twitter.com/lottosend
Lottosend twitter page - https://twitter.com/lottosend
Lottosend Google+ page
Lottosend google+ https://plus.google.com/+Lottosend
Lottosend google+ https://plus.google.com/+Lottosend
Lottosend Official Blog
Lottosend blog - https://www.lottosend.com/blog/
Lottosend blog - https://www.lottosend.com/blog/
Lottosend Official Website
Lottosend website - https://www.lottosend.com/
Lottosend website - https://www.lottosend.com/
Another easy way to do research about an online service provider is to go through their terms of service and FAQ pages. We have gone through their pages and it seems that they are legit when it comes to customer service, with no hidden fees, and if you win the jackpot they will help you get the winnings either by giving you the original ticket so you can go collect or by collecting the winnings for you on your behalf and them sending the jackpot prize to you.
What happens when you win the jackpot with Lottosend: https://www.lottosend.com/faq/
What happens when you win the jackpot with Lottosend: https://www.lottosend.com/faq/
What About Customer Service?

So we sent an email to Lottosend and also had a chat with their online chat representative. We were answered within minutes and the representative was very helpful!

Next we will be purchasing tickets!
More coming soon...

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All About Australias’a OZ Lotto

Lotteries are the new source of millionaires especially in Australia. Every time, a player of a lottery wins a jackpot or first price in a lottery, a new millionaire is born. This is especially the case with Australia’s Oz Lotto which boasts of creating over 448 new millionaires since its inception. The Oz Lotto was formed in 1994 as Australia’s first national lottery game. Thanks to its huge jackpots and simplicity, it has gained popularity in Australia as nearly one in two Australian adults play the game. In November 2012, the largest jackpot to be won by an Oz Lotto player was won - $100 million. That year, an average of 1 in 2 adult Australians played the game with the jackpot won and four Division 1 winners who shared a prize of over $111 million. An estimate in 2013 showed that over $5.6 billion in prize money has been won since the creation of the game with over 120 million Oz Lotto winners recorded over that time – five times the population of Australia. This game is especially popular for its huge jackpots which sometimes can be more than $50 million.

Recent News:

Image from oz-lotto.net
Image from oz-lotto.net

How to Play the Oz Lotto

Playing the Oz Lotto is easy. There are several different methods of playing this lottery with each unique in its own way. Players choose seven balls from a drum of 45 balls which are numbered from 1 to 45. Players depending on the method of play seek to match these numbers so as to win a prize. Players can choose from different play options such as Picking their own entries, Quick Picks, System entries or Favorites amongst others. Oz lotto can also be played online through e-ticket providers such as WinTrillions and LottoDay.

- Pick Entries

Here, players can choose their favorite numbers on a marked coupon or as a QuickPickPlay. Playing is easy. Purchase an Oz Lotto coupon from any local Tatts outlet and select your numbers. Alternatively, you can choose to select the numbers online. This method of play guarantees that the player matches either one or two of the winning balls. If for example, a player selects a Pick 5 entry, he or she marks just 5 numbers in each game panel as the Pick 5 entry gives you two of the 7 winning numbers. Should the player select a Pick 6 entry, he or she picks 6 numbers and is guaranteed one winning number. Each gameplay method has a maximum number which for Pick entries can vary between 1 and 50.

- Quick Pick

With this method, numbers are randomly generated for the player. This method is especially good for first-timers and those in a hurry. QuickPicks are available in different sizes. These are the Mini QuickPick where the system randomly generates numbers for a maximum of 9 games, the Regular QuickPick where numbers are generated for a maximum of 12 games, Super QuickPick where numbers are generated for 18 games maximum, Mega QuickPick – 24 games maximum, Jumbo QuickPick – maximum of 36 games and the Maxi QuickPick wherein numbers aregenerateed for a maximum of 50 games. 

Image: oz-lotto.net
Image: oz-lotto.net

- System Entry method

This method gives you an option to play up more numbers so as to increase our chances of winning with the help of a group lottery syndicate. Of course, the price for this method of play is more expensive than the other methods of play. If for example, a player uses this method to choose a System 9, the player selects 9 instead of 7 numbers to increase his/her chances of winning a Division 1 Oz Lotto prize. To play using this method, simply mark a maximum of 8-20 numbers in each game panel depending on the System you choose. 

If you choose a System 9, mark 9 numbers. This can be done online or on a coupon. Again, you can mark up to 50 games on a QuickPick coupon or a maximum of 18 games on a marked coupon. Make sure you mark the “System Pick” check box whether on your coupon or online. Also, for high level System Entries, the maximum number of game panels may vary between 1 and 50 so it is important to contact the customer service on 131 868 before placing your bet.

- Syndicate

The syndicate method is a method in which players group and play so as to have a greater chance of winning by covering a greater combination of numbers while sharing the cost of the ticket amongst the members of the group. By playing more games under the Syndicate method, the odds of players winning are greatly improved and should a syndicate ticket win a prize, the total amount of the price will be equally divided to all members of the syndicate. 

Each standard Oz Lotto game starts from as $1.30. Depending on the method option of play you choose, the price can increase to over $15.

How to win the Oz Lotto

The Oz Lotto has two supplementary balls in addition to its seven balls making it a 7/45 +2 game. Every Tuesday night, draws are held at about 8:30 PM Australian time and are broadcasted live on affiliated TV stations such as 7TWO in Queensland. Latest Lottery results also can be found online at Lottosend.com - I want to know more!

During the draws, 7 balls which fall from 1-45 are drawn and then 2 balls are drawn thereafter. The first 7 are known as the “winning numbers” while the last 2 are the “supplementary numbers”. The supplementary numbers play a role in determining the prizes of Divisions 2, 4 and 7 winners. In order to win Division 1, a player’s selected numbers are expected to match all seven winning numbers from the draw. To win in Division 2, a player will need to match 6 of the winning numbers plus 1 or 2 of the supplementary numbers. Divisions 4 and 7 require a minimum of 5 and 3 winning numbers respectively plus 1 or 2 supplementary numbers. Divisions 3, 5 and 6 require at least 6, 5 and 4 winning numbers respectively.


Division 1 winners win the jackpot which can range from $2 million to $50 million and over depending on the number of people playing the game and the amount of funds. The prize amounts of other winners are based on the amount of funds available. The Oz Lotto is one of the highest paying lotteries in the world because of its Division method of giving out prices which make it possible for more people to win. 

So, click on the link and stand a chance to become a millionaire https://www.oz-lotto.net/

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UK49s: How it works?

UK49s: How it works?

Lottery games have become the norm today. With so many people across the world joining lotteries so as to have a chance at hitting the jackpot. The UK49s is a rather brainy lottery. It requires the player to be very keen in order to select the right number. The player has to select as series of six numbers from 1 to 49 in the lottery draw. You finally select a bonus 7th number. Matching six of the selected numbers with the winning numbers gets you the jackpot which may be up to 2 million pounds. Matching up to 3 numbers will entitle you to a portion of the jackpot.

Rules and Regulations

When placing the 49’s bet ensure you follow the following rules and regulations:

· The total amount of payout to any winner or customers betting on the 49’s is £/€1,000,000

· Bets accepted up to 10 minutes before the official start time as broadcast on S.I.S.

· You can not couple it with any other betting game.

· More than two draws can’t be accumulated in cumulative bets unless advised otherwise.

· No bonus or consolidation dividends will apply to any of the bets in the UK49’s bets only the multiple and speciality are accepted.

· General betting rules guide the overall betting process.

How to play

Looking at any of the numbers drawn in the past will not help you to know what numbers to select for your raffle. So how do you choose which 49s numbers to play with your raffle? There’s no guide book that will directly give you information on the decisions to make.

You can alternatively use certain techniques that will increase your winning chances. 

The first step is to identify the trends of the draws then highlight the minimum and the maximum thresholds. They are the most occurring numbers over time. 

From the thresholds determined look at the number of times drawn in the time bucket then make a decision based on the assessment of the data. Balls drawn below the minimum threshold are likely to be drawn again. Any ball drawn at or above the maximum threshold is more likely to be drawn again. Using this special lottery strategy will enable you to select informed numbers with a higher chance of winning. 

The 49’s draw takes place twice daily and can be played online at lottery concierge websites such as MyLottoPlace. The lead time to know the results is significantly low hence you can play as many times as you wish. You can play lotto on your mobile device since 2016 hence no complications faced when determining the platform to use. Just download the app on your IOS oa Android device follow the instructions and you are good to go.

Lottery games are always tricky as the chances of winning are always almost nil. It’s almost impossible to win the jackpot. Hence the need to increase your chances by using the right tips and strategies. The above article shows you how to play this game and increase your chances of winning. 

Thank me later.

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Online Powerball Syndicate Tickets - Play 75 Tickets for the Price of 1

We have all heard stories of lottery syndicates winning a huge jackpot and ending up having to spend half of their prize on lawyers and in the courts when one of the group players or more was "cheated out" or claims to be cheated out from their winnings. The articles are all over the media and it seems to be a big issue with syndicate winners. 

In the News:

This is exactly why playing with online lottery syndicates is a good idea, the syndicate is managed online and the syndicate players don't even know each other - they don't have to deal with the legal issues of splitting the money between themselves because the lottery website does it for them.

Some are worried though that if their syndicate wins the jackpot when playing online, they might not be able to claim their winnings - this too is not an issue because when you purchase lottery tickets online on websites such as Lottosend.com you are %100 secured and guaranteed (by digital signature) that you will always be able to claim your winnings.

Playing the US Powerball Online - With a Group

In the picture above you can see a Powerball syndicate that won a prize of $3.7 Million! Each syndicate player recieved over $400,000 - enough to set them up more than nicely. When you join an online US Powerball group you get to play 75 tickets for the price of 1, you share these tickets along with other players, up to 50 other players. If one of the tickets hits the jackpot ($40 million minimum jackpot) you will win AT LEAST $800,000! 


If you want to play US Powerball online you can click here for more information on buying tickets. We recommend the syndicate option although you can also buy single tickets online or make a subscription. It is easy to see why more and more people are playing the lotto online, with the many advantages - among them, playing with an anonymous online Powerball syndicate,

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Online Lottery Syndicates and Group Play are the Best Way to Increase Your Odds of Winning the Upcoming Lottery Jackpot

In the News:

  • 'I've cheated death. We're on a roll, let's buy a lottery ticket': Mother of family who won £61million lottery jackpot told her daughter to buy a ticket after she had tumour surgery 
  • Facebook friends syndicate banks £1.1M EuroMillions win
  • Top Lottery Syndicates Winners of All Time
  • Dublin Bus syndicate ‘wins €24 million Euromillions jackpot’
  • Monmouthshire family syndicate win £61m on EuroMillions
  • Hibs syndicate bank £1 million in Lottery win 

  • How To Run A UK National Lottery Syndicate

  • £62m US lotto 'winner' vows: I'm not paying my syndicate

Read more: 

More About Online Lottery Syndicates

Today many third party websites organize online lottery syndicates that give global lottery players the chance to increase their chances of winning the lottery jackpot. Online syndicates are not a new phenomenon but only lately have they began to increase in numbers of online players and numbers of tickets per group.

Today lottery lovers can find online groups that buy hundreds or even thousands of tickets per draw and share all of the tickets within dozens of smaller groups, each player gets to choose how many shares of the tickets they get, for example an online US Powerball syndicate with 52 tickets and 75 shares can have up to 75 players within the group, each buying a share for as little as $15. 

When your group wins a $1 Billion jackpot (or even more) you win over $13,000,000 for that 1 share that you bought for just $15 - that is more than enough to buy anything you ever wished for in your life.